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Clamor and sensory overload make for exciting urban life, but sometimes, it’s just too much. In this first in a new series, each set in a different U.S. city, Author/Photographer Evelyn Kanter leads us on an unexpected path of discovery, tranquility and serenity.

The book is full of inspiring, restorative pockets to soothe the soul that I have come to love over a lifetime of living in and exploring my hometown, New York City.

This unique guide reveals surprising and secret gardens, vistas, neighborhood strolls, beaches and other sanctuaries where visitors and residents alike can find quiet, solace and escape from the things that make The Big Apple such an endlessly appealing and exciting place.

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Peaceful Places New York City:

JoansBooks (book reviewer/blogger) I love the way this book is organized. The basic organization is alphabetical, from the African Burial Ground National Monument to the Yeshiva University Museum, but there is also a listing by area (the bulk are in Manhattan, but the other boroughs are well-represented) and another by category (such as “Enchanting Walks”, “Quiet Tables” and “Spiritual Enclaves”). Kanter provides a short description of each place, accompanied by information about directions and hours, admission cost (if any, most of these places are free, though, when it comes to the shops she suggests, they are free, “but of course you are also free to purchase”!), websites, etc. She rates them on a “peacefulness” scale, and notes for some that they are not always serene, but tells you the best times to go. The High Line, a new park built on an abandoned elevated rail line, is a good example. I visited it on a weekday afternoon, and it was relatively tranquil, but at other times it can get quite crowded.

Published April 2010, Menasha Ridge Press.

Available now in bookstores, museum gift shops and online as a Smartphone app and eBook..

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The Hudson Valley has an abundance of top chefs, many of them graduates of the region’s world-famous Culinary Institute of America, whose menus showcase fresh ingredients from local farms and orchards, some of which been in the same family for three, four or five generations.

There are more than three dozen wineries here, which has been producing wines since 1677, and nearly all are family-owned operations with the owner/wine-maker on hand for pourings and tours.

Author/Photographer Evelyn Kanter guides readers to the best fine dining, casual and kid-friendly eateries, plus farms, events and side trips, and the stories of the people behind them. It is the only comprehensive food and wine guide to this historic, picturesque and delicious region just north of New York City.

The wedding of Chelsea Clinton to Marc Mezvinsky in July 2010 propelled the Hudson Valley into world headlines. The restaurants where guests and family ate before and after the wedding ceremony are featured in this guidebook, the only one of its kind to the Hudson Valley.

Published 2006, Countryman Press

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